Friday, November 22, 2013

FlattenMe Book Review

Our Story

All stories have a beginning. This is ours.

Years ago, my husband caught our daughter on film eating a gobstopper – 15 photos taken over 24 minutes and 10 seconds. The photos were arranged in a book and given to my daughter as a special gift. It was love at first sight. My daughter slept with it, ate with it, took it on road trips. Love-worn and long-admired, the book slowly fell apart, just like the fur on the Velveteen Rabbit.

I love to read.  It is my favorite past time.  I average 3+ books a week.  I try to teach my kids the joy of reading too.

Ben learned to read at a really early age (he was 3!!) and he loves to do it!!  Each night Ben Sr or I read them a story before bed, and then Ben Jr reads a story.  For every holiday where a gift is given, the boys get books.  You should see the amount of books they have in their room!!

One of my favorite types of books to give them is a personalized book with either their names in it, pictures or both.  It makes the books extra special.  Everyone loves books that are about them.  I even have a book that is a romance novel with Ben Sr and I in it!!  

When I was offered a chance to review a book through Flattenme, I was super excited.  I had a hard time trying to pick a favorite book to get.  I wanted to do something a little different then putting the kids faces in the book, so I picked a book I could put Ben Sr in instead!!  My SuperDad!!

This book is superb!!  The story itself is really cute, but I am amazed with the graphics and how perfect the pictures with my Husbands head on them are.  They look real!!  

Sometimes when you get books like this, the pictures look cut and paste.  These look like Ben Sr really wrestled an alligator, tackled a ski jump, and even hugged a deer!!  There are no cut and paste lines.  The pictures are very vivid, and eye catching.  Everyone I have shown the book too loves it, and is getting one of their own!!

Flattenme has a nice variety to choose from including GlitterGills (a mermaid story,) ABC & 123, and a Pirates book.  There's a book for everyone on your list!!

They also carry other fun personalized items like T-shirts, Wall Art, and Water Bottles.

If you are looking for a creative and fun gift for this Holiday Season, check out Flattenme!!

You can follow along for great deals and contests on their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter accounts and their blog.  Right now they are hosting a huge giveaway with 33 different prizes to be won!!  You can check it out here!!

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