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Bronto The Dinosaur Children's Books Review And ~~Giveaway~~

Craigmore Creations was founded in 2008. The initial vision was the creation of the Terra Tempo series, with the idea of bringing natural history to life in a full-color graphic novel series that would engage young readers with intelligent, entertaining stories. With the growing concerns of climate change and the loss of biodiversity occurring, reaching the next generation with material that could educate about Earth history while being entertaining was of the utmost importance. Terra Tempo lead into Blunderbuss Wanderlust, which lead into Right Where You Are Now, which then opened the way into Craigmore Creations becoming a fully operational publishing house. As a small, independent publisher, Craigmore Creations works very closely with authors, illustrators and in-house design staff to produce quality books that are works of art in and of themselves.

My boys love to read.  They like a huge variety of books.  Anything from Disney stories, Scary stories, Christmas stories, and they really like books about animals.  

Craigmore Creations has published a terrific series featuring Bronto the dinosaur.

Bronto, a prehistoric gentle giant, is the star in two charming, beautifully illustrated picture books:  Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs and Bronto, Friend of Ceratops. 

Using story lines that foster curiosity and empathy and hand-painted watercolor and ink illustrations, author Charlotte Vivian Rodenberg introduces young minds to science, dinosaurs and adventure and even weaves in facts about dinosaurs and the Earth as it existed then.  Young dinosaur fans will surely fall in love with big-hearted Bronto!

Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs-

Amid the leafy branches of a Jurassic tree, one kind-hearted Apatosaurus comes upon a nest of pterodactyl eggs. He looks all around, but their momma is nowhere to be seen. Bronto is compelled to protect these new fledglings when disaster strikes.  In this tale of caring and camaraderie, join the world’s bravest Bronto on his quest to help little wings take flight!

Bronto, Friend of Ceratops-

Bronto, the big-hearted gentle giant, is back after the volcanic eruption in the Jurassic. Now, in the changing landscape of the Cretaceous, his devotion to his dinosaur friends is momentous. The Sauropods take to the hills and the Pterosaurs take flight, but one Ceratops herd has taken to the forests. When the forests become perilous, heroic Bronto rises to the occasion to aid his comrades. However, he finds he needs some help in his pursuit!

About Craigmore Creations-

Craigmore Creations is an independent publishing house located in Portland, Oregon. Their books celebrate the earth through art and storytelling. Craigmore Creations create graphic novels, books, picture books and educational tools that all share a common thread of natural history.

The stories in both books are really cute, but I love the illustrations!!  Aren't they beautiful??

I also received an adorable stuffed T-Rex.  It is so soft and cuddly!!  Ben Jr will sit down and read the books, and Doug will make it look like the T-Rex is doing the talking!!

If you have small children on your shopping list, then these books would make a great gift!!

How would you like to win a copy of each book, and a stuffed T-Rex like I got??  One lucky reader will win thanks to Craigmore Creations!!

Enter below using the rafflecopter and Happy Holidays!!

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Cassie Eastman said...

My son would love the Tool.Time.Twist book!

jakiesmom said...

I like the t rex

polly said...

Tool Time Twist book looks cute

polly said...

I love the dinosaur in my grandson's favorite book: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You

Jessica said...

I would also love Right Where You Are Now

Unknown said...

I would like trailing Tennessee. My favorite dinosaur id Dino from the Flintstones!

Kimberly said...

My favorite dinosaur is Little Foot from The Land Before Time.

Unknown said...

Little Foot is my Favorite Dinosaur.

Kimberly said...

I think my daughter would like Right Where You Are Now too.

nicolesender said...

My grandson would like Tool. Time. Twist.

nicolesender said...

The t-rex is the all-time favorite.

Shelley P said...

I would also like Right Where You Are Now.

Shelley P said...

My favorite is the Triceratops.