Monday, December 16, 2013

Orbeez Luxury Spa and Color Splasherz Design Station Review

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given the above items for review purposes**

The Maya Group works to bring safe, high-quality and original toys to the market—toys that amaze, wow and dazzle long after the packaging has been opened. We are dedicated to applying new, cool technologies to longstanding play patterns.

Founded in 1992, The Maya Group has established itself as an innovative leader in the world of toys. Using a combination of internally developed concepts, creative designers and inventors, The Maya Group brings life to the most exciting toys in the market today. Drawing on years of toy industry experience, our products are safe and reliable.

With an ear to the ground, creative foresight and a commitment to high-quality, The Maya Group produces toys that both surprise and satisfy. By finding out directly from kids how they like to play, our products remain fresh, relevant and exciting.

I am always looking for a new creative toy and I have to give it to The Maya Group, their Orbeez topped my list!!  I was sent their new Luxury Spa, which anyone can use and is a ton of fun!!

In your box you receive the spa (which fits all feet sizes,)  2200 Orbeez (which start out as itty bitty beads,) and the light show strainer.

Give your feet a treat with the soothing massage of the Orbeez Luxury Spa. The Luxury Spa features massaging vibration and bouncing Orbeez. With a built-in strainer, heating your Orbeez is easy and a larger foot area makes the Spa perfect for all ages to enjoy.

This is very simple to use.  It takes two C batteries in the tub (for vibration.)  Add some of your Orbeez and water to help them grow (it does take a couple hours for them to get to their full size.)  Then strain the water and add more warm water if you would like.  The tub vibrates, and the strainer has lights built in for a really pretty light show while you soak.

The boys thought it was a lot of fun to watch the Orbeez grow, and then it tickled them when they used the tub and the Orbeez bounced all over their feet!!

This was a lot of fun for all of us, and buying replacement Orbeez is easy.  They are sold at a ton of major retailers like Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.

We were also sent Color Splasherz Design Station.  This is a perfect gift for young girls.

This is a lot of fun too.  With just warm and cold water, you can change the color to the enclosed jewelry, and make your own designs!!

Everything you need (except the water) is included in your kit.  Make 4 bracelets, and 4 necklaces over and over again just by using the water.

If you have a young girl on your shopping list this year, check out the Design Station.  She will love it!!

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given the above items for review purposes**

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