Thursday, December 7, 2017

Zing Toys Add Even More Fun To The Fidget Spinner Craze!!

If you are a parent, you know what a fidget spinner is.  My boys have a couple, and are always asking for more.  Personally I don't find them all that exciting, yet I do find myself spinning one now and then, and these new ones from Zing Toys are pretty cool.  

Zing Toys has expanded on the concept and has come out with quite a few new cooler spinners.  

So simple…yet so complex. Tumblstix is a small, weighted mesmerizing stick that challenges balance.  Test your creativity and dexterity and sharpen your focus and hand-eye coordination by rolling over the Tumblstix gently. Balance and catch the stick smoothly during 360-degree rolls and 180-degree flicks, all while doing tricks! Once you get the hang of it, create your own tricks and upload them to social media.
Each Tumblstix includes LED lights for awesome visual effects.

Zing Dama™
A twist on the traditional! This hybrid of KenDama, Yo-Yo and Zing consists of four parts: a ball, a ring, string and an adjustable strap.  Strap the cup firmly on to your fingers and start to swing the ball in any direction. Once you get into your groove, get creative with tricks and capture the ball with your own flair and skill.
The Zing Dama features multiple LED lights for 24/7 play and awesome visual effects. Record your skills and upload them to social media.

Metal Chuckz™
Metal Chuckz are built just like Thumb Chucks, but these ‘Chucks’ are covered in a soft, sleek, ‘Metaltek’ coating for a brand new experience, allowing for advanced tricks because they are weighted slightly heavier than Thumb Chucks. Metal Chuckz deliver challenging fun with a classy look. Perfect for mastering tricks on

the go while easily fitting inside your pocket!

Spin Circuits™
A three pronged blade design that delivers 20 different preprogrammed LED light patterns with the press of a button! Stack them to any Zing spinner by using the Spin Pin to deliver an ultra colorful light display!

You can purchase each of these spinners through Zing Toy's online store along with many other cool products!!  These will make great stocking stuffers!!

This post is written by Sarah Coulsey. She is a Wife, and Mother of two boys living in New England. This post may contain affiliate links.

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