Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blacksocks Cashmere Men's Socks Review And ~~Giveaway~~

1999 We get started!
Using our own savings, we are careful with our money. We make the same errors as other start-ups, but generally with far fewer losses. The first sales have to help us meet costs. In June 1999, BLACKSOCKS goes online and launches the sockscription. At the end of the year, it has just over 1,000 customers.

My Husband Ben works two jobs.  With both, he is on his feet the bulk of the time.  He also has to wear work boots for both.  By the end of the day, Ben's toes are quite tired and in all honesty, his feet stink!!  With one job he has to wear black socks, the other white.  I find that he has more trouble with cotton socks then with other types.  His big feet wear the socks out pretty quickly.  He is a size 13, and those socks are very hard to come by.

When I heard about, I was very interested.  I have heard of subscription companies before, but never would I have thought about subscription socks before.  Now that I am married to a man who goes through socks like most people go through sliced bread, this makes a lot of sense!!!   

I was sent a pair of Cashmere socks for Ben to review.  

It goes to show how used to my job Ben is when I say "I need to photograph your feet," and he says "sure!!"

He now thinks of himself as a professional Foot Model!!!

Ben said the socks are very soft, and very comfortable.  They breath well, and so far no holes!!! offers many types of socks to choose from, and also carry's shirts, and underwear.  You can get subscriptions with each for anything from once every three months to once a year!!

I really like this idea of sending people clothes they need monthly, and making it a meaningful and lasting gift!!

Would you like to try a pair of the cashmere socks for yourself??  One lucky reader is going to get a pair of socks in the size they need!!  Enter using the rafflecopter form below, and good luck!!

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Rose-Marie said...
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Rose-Marie said...
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Miranda W. said...

My husband does! I'm not sure what he does to his socks but they get worn out fast!

Isaiahsmom said...

Yes my son would wear these. They look comfortable and warm which is important here right now for we have winter freezing cold.

Isaiahsmom said...

I like the Funky socks Nineteen.

jeanette sheets said...

yes my son

jeanette sheets said...

Charity and John said...

My husband goes through work socks consistently, but regular socks not so much.

Elena said...

Yes, my husband
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Steph Comp said...

My husband. He's on his feet a lot.
Sherry Compton

Steph Comp said...

The funky socks 19 are fun.
Sherry Compton