Monday, December 21, 2015

Learn To Grow Your Own Foods With DuneCraft!!

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DuneCraft is a nationwide leader in creating innovative, interesting indoor growing kits. All of our products are fun and educational, and each contains a plethora of background information on the plants and science behind each product. The company started with a single kit that grows over 25 different varieties of cacti from seed. That kit, called Odd Pods, is still a classic today. Dunecraft's products have grown to include a vast assortment of growing kits at a variety of price points. Some of DuneCraft's best-sellers include Carnivorous Creations, the Princess Garden, the Dinosaur Plant, Dragon's Lair, and much more. These kits are great for children of all ages, and are extremely popular.

DuneCraft has also introduced a line of eight different, eye-catching micro-terrariums, the world's smallest terrariums, which only need to be watered once every few months. The $4.99 price point makes these a fantastic novelty. DuneCraft also has an award-winning line of science products that keep children and adults engaged for hours, including Space Sand, Super Snow, Smart Tubes, and a brand new line of kits tailored to the classroom setting.

Now that I am older, have kids, and way too many responsibilities, I understand how important saving money is.  I also greatly appreciate the value of growing my own foods.  Nothing tastes better then fresh home grown foods, and nothing makes you feel more accomplished then to know you grew it yourself!!

DuneCraft specializes in fun grow your own kits.  You can grow anything from simple veggies like mushrooms, to more exotic things like coffee, and even plants that were around in the biblical times.

I was sent three terrific kits.  I am now growing my own Oyster Mushrooms, Coffee, and a Beer Garden!!

We have perfected the processes of growing great mushrooms quickly, while preserving the shelf life of the kit. Our kit now contains a new form of growing mycelium for the best results possible! If you have not tried this hot-selling kit, you should consider it!

Brew coffee that you grew with this complete kit! On average each mature coffee plant will produce one pound of coffee beans. Your plant will exhibit shiny dark green showy leaves with fragrant white flowers. Coffee plants are typically 6 feet tall but can grow to be 15 feet or taller. They will sprout in 3 to 4 weeks!

Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer. Grow plants to make beer in your very own Beer Garden! You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer making plants.

These kits make great gifts for anyone who has their own green thumb, and perfect to help teach kids the fun of growing your own foods.  

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