Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Christmas Pickle Tradition

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The holiday tradition of hanging a pickle ornament on ones Christmas Tree has been around for over 100 years and is celebrated in homes across the world. Legend says that the first child to find the Pickle on Christmas morning has the honor of opening the first present– an extra gift from St. Nick. There are many versions of how this tradition came to be, but until now, no one knew the truth!

Join us on a journey to the Old North Pole where you’ll discover the story of Pickle Elf, and learn how the legend came to be.

A note from Santa:

Leave me the Pickle.  To hang on your tree. By the milk and cookies. Is where it should be. When the morning time comes. No sneaking, be smart! You must wait for your family. For the search to start. On the count of three. Little feet start to run.  The search for the pickle.  Has finally begun! The lucky child. Who spots it on the tree.  Will receive the first present. A gift just from me.

Hide the pickle ornament the night before Christmas in the tree. In the morning watch your loved ones, big and small, search for the pickle. Follow us to the Old North Pole and discover the story of Pickle, one of Santa’s mischievous elves, as he learns the magic of giving.

I have always wondered about this tradition.  Most stores that sell ornaments have a pickle or two, and I never quite understood why.  I have heard that the tradition started in Germany, but when I was in Disney in September, I spoke to a man from Germany, and he said he hadn't heard of the tradition until he moved to the US.

Well now you can learn all about the tradition and the Little Elf who loves cookies, and being mischievous!!  

With this cute box set, you get your own Christmas Pickle ornament, a beautifully illustrated book all about the Elf, and a cute Pickle Finder log, to keep track of who wins every year!!

If you are looking for a new and cute tradition to start with your family, check out The Christmas Pickle Tradition.  You can learn more by visiting their website, and purchase your own set.

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Jackie said...

This looks like a cute book. I'd love to know the story. My daughter gave me a pickle ornament that I hang on the tree every year for them to find.