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Dune Craft Sea Quarium And Biblical Garden Review

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given products for review purposes**

My Husband and I have gotten older!!  Yes, that is a sad fact.  But with age comes wisdom right?? (well in some cases!!)  For us the wisdom has come in how to save money in smart and creative ways.  With two growing boys to feed,  and a grocery bill that would average over $400 a week if I let it, we have learned how to save money in every way possible.

For starters, we use coupons, store loyalty cards, shopping apps etc.  By using all of those, it saved us over $20,000 last year!!  I saved almost as much money as a full time job would pay!!  Pretty cool huh!!

The other way we save a ton on things like fresh produce, is to grow our own.  We grow Rhubarb, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers etc.  Ben and Doug absolutely love cherry tomatoes.  To them they are a candy!!  We bought two plants this year in June, and those are still going strong.  Here it is December in New England, with a temp outside of 36*, and this is my tomato plant right now.

The boys fight over who gets the next tomato.  Even though the tomatoes grow pretty quickly, it is not quick enough for those two.  In the spring, I am going to buy extra plants, and maybe just maybe I will get to try the tomatoes!!

Now, I had heard of DuneCraft before, but I didn't really know much about their products.  When I took a look at their site, I was amazed!!  This is the kind of company that could save me tons of money!!

You can get a wide variety of easy to grow plant habitats.  Everything from plants that were around with the Dinosaurs, to even plants that were around during biblical times.  Here are two sets that I am giddy about.  One teaches you how to grow plants, and the other teaches you about eco-systems!!

The first is the Biblical Garden.

Let this wonderful, varied assortment take you to the land of Biblical Times! The Biblical Garden contains some of the most important plants of the Bible: Aloe a rare spice used to anoint the body of Jesus! Date Palm, the most highly regarded palm still used in Palm Sunday ceremonies! Hyssop, used in most baptisms and other holy rituals! Mustard, discussed in the famous parable of the mustard seed and more! Safe for ages 3+ and retails for $24.99!
Actual Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.8 x 9.3

Each Complete Kit Includes:

Growing Dome
Planting Mixture
Five Biblical Seed Packs:
Date Palm
Joseph's Coat
5 Decorative Plant Markers
3 Stained Glass Photo Decals
2 Bags of Decorative Pebbles

Instructions and Information Manual

I love the fact that these plants take minimal care, and are very useful.  Aloe helps this time of year with extremely dry hands like my own, and with the mustard plant, you can use the seeds to make pickles, and homemade mustard.

There is no mess and you only have to water it once every 6 months!! It comes with everything you need to start growing right away!!

Another item that is really cool is their Sea- Quarium

Grow an underwater adventure in our Sea-Quarium and watch it all through the magnifying portholes! Incubate the included eggs and your Sea-Sauruses will burst to life, filling your Sea-Quarium with fun! This complete kits comes with everything you need, just add water! The Sea-Quarium is of the highest quality! The tank is injection molded in one piece and has 5 magnifying portholes on the front curved pane. The hinged lid holds the LED Light Unit (included in the Deluxe Edition) in place, has vents, and can accommodate an airline for our Hydro-Pump (included in the Deluxe Edition). This is the perfect container to grow and watch all kinds of aquatic life develop!
Actual Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.8 x 9.3

Each Complete Kit Includes:

Decorative Gravel
Background Decal
2 Lily Pad Seeds
Sea-Saurus Eggs
Sea-Saurus Food

Growing & Care Instructions

This is another really easy to use and fun item.  The kit includes everything you need to watch Lily pads, and Sea-saurus' grow!!  My boys love our fish tank, and love watching and feeding the fish.  Right now we only have Mr. Squishy, but I told them we will get more soon.

I can't wait to see the plants and sea-saurus' grow!!  DuneCraft has many other items to choose from.  Check them out for someone special on your shopping list this year!!

Re: DuneCraft, Inc.
Contact: Alicia Borley,
DuneCraft Creates Ecosystem Work Environment!

CLEVELAND, OH- Grant Cleveland, most known as CEO for DuneCraft, and the father of Abstract Symbolism for his paintings, has unveiled a new state of the art facility this year. Included in the new building are 3 extensive ponds, an art gallery, a tropical jungle themed office, a retail store, and that’s just the beginning! The facility also houses SteelStage, a dashboard driven ERP ASP that was designed by Cleveland is currently in use.
Park like describes the office at DuneCraft. “My inspiration was to make our work environment be like a botanical garden. Walking into a sunny office, brightened with grow lights for the plants, helps workers beat seasonal doldrums. It puts people in a better mood and the plants clean the air and add humidity to the air,” Cleveland recently stated in an article by Investor’s Business Daily.
The building is 170,000 square feet with 12,000 square feet of office space. Within the office is its own ecosystem. As Jeremiah Mock from Mock Ponds exclaimed, “This is the new 8th wonder of the world! What I enjoyed most about the project was the ecosystem that was created with koi swimming around and live plants in the water, it’s like bringing the outside in!” There are over 150 tropical plants in the new office that provide privacy and division between departments as well as oxygen and air cleaning abilities! DuneCraft’s flora separates workers gently. Expressed by Cleveland, “This is a nice intermediate. You want it to be open but not too open.”
As well as purifying the air we breathe the presence of indoor plants have also been shown to have many other beneficial effects such as reduction of stress and sound levels, absorption of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen refreshing the air and many more!
DuneCraft’s motto has always been “Bring Learning to Life.” The company is constantly finding new and unique ways to do this. With the move to the new office and creating an out of the box environment coupled with the introduction of new products twice a year, DuneCraft’s empire keeps growing! Cleveland also had these sentiments from a recent article in Success Magazine, “Now we have offices that make employees feel like they’re in one of the terrariums DuneCraft makes. The design reinforces the brand that way. From this employee engagement has improved, leading to happier workers.”

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  I was given products for review purposes**

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