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PowerSkin PoP’n iPhone Charger Review

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Keep working, keep playing, keep moving, and keep growing. PowerSkin believes in empowering through technology and inspiring through creativity. Our goal is to provide customers with the slimmest and stylish easy to use, easy to carry battery solutions. Customers should expect only the highest in quality and design from PowerSkin and never have to worry about power and can live life, fully charged.

At PowerSkin®, we believe everyone should live life, fully charged; therefore we’ve created a life-friendly line of technologically advanced, functional, and stylish portable power solutions for keeping smartphones and tablets powered.

And when (not if) you drop your phone along the way, we’ve got you covered… literally. Our sleek, expertly designed cases fit your phone like a second skin, keeping it protected AND charged all day long.

There are two important things you need to know about me when it comes to my phone- I use it ALL the time, and I DROP it all the time!!

Shortly after I got my iPhone, I managed to drop it in my dogs water dish.  The speakers did not work.  I had that thing in rice for three days to dry it out.  After that, my Husband bought me a water proof case!!

With my job, I am on my phone all through out the day.  Checking and responding to emails, and posting on social media.  It kills the battery quite quickly.  I am not always in an area where a power outlet is available, so I need something really reliable.   

PowerSkin PoP'n iPhone Charger has been a huge relief for me.  When I am on the go, I plug her in, and I am saved for hours!!

The charger is really simple to use.  Just plug her in to your computer to charge her with the USB wire.  The blue lights on the back flash until she's fully charged.  

The PoP'n connects to your phone where your charger connects.  It has suction cups on one side so it stays secure on your phone.  It is designed so you can plug and go!!

The lights on the back show you that the charger is on, and will show you how much charge you have left in the device.  

If you are looking for a terrific gift that constantly gives back, the PoP'n Charger is it!!

You can purchase the charger for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5S/5C, and even iPhone 6/6 Plus.  They also carry them for HTC, Samsung, Motorola & Sony.  iPhone 6 chargers sell for a little more, but the others are only $49.99!!  

PowerSkin just announced this great 48 hour sale on their popular PowerSkin PowerStand, Buy One Get One Free on Tuesday, December 16th & Wednesday December 17th. For $39.99  you can get 2 PowerStands, one for you and one as a gift  - the PowerStand charges tablets and mobile phone, including the HOT iPhone 6/6Plus (that's $20 for an iPhone portable charger!!). http://www.power-skin.com/portable-power/powerstand.php

The PowerStand's unique design allows you to prop up your phone and tablet to easily view photos and videos (ideal for holiday travel) without draining power. It comes in titanium and ice silver and is very compact & lightweight with a 2800mAh battery. 

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. 

And as a reminder PowerSkin also has a great Travel Bundle promo  - Buy the multi-device charger, PowerSkin Recharge and get a FREE Tablet Spin-Pad Grip, a $109.98 value for only $59.99, a savings of $49.99. http://www.power-skin.com/device/tablets/xp5001.php - Recharge’s powerful battery easily charges cellphones and tablets, and is remarkably lightweight and portable, perfect for road trips, holiday travel & keeping the family's devices charged & the kids occupied.

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