Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reebok ZQuick Electrify Sneakers Review

I am not a girly girl.  I do not own 600 pairs of shoes (I think I own 6!!) Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to be girly, it just costs a lot of money, and I rather spend my money on my kids.  You know how it is, Mommy always comes last (which is fine by me!!) 

One thing I do make sure I get myself is a really good pair of sneakers.  I wear sneakers ALL the time (chasing two kids,) so I need shoes that are comfy, and will withstand all the abuse I put them through (Trips to Disney!!)

I used to buy discount sneakers (you know the ones that cost $10.)  They may be cheap in price, but they are also cheap in quality.  I would be lucky if I got a couple months out of them.  I once bought a pair and the first time I wore them, I broke the heal end.  My sneakers were flapping in the breeze!!!

Over the last handful of years, I have been getting myself Reeboks.  They have some awesome styles, and the shoes last!!  This is a picture of sneakers I have had for two years now.  They are just like new (except for the dirt,) and it's two years later after a lot of use, and three Disney trips!!  You can see the original review here.  

This year I got to try the ZQuick Electrify sneakers.  I switched it up color wise and got myself some pretty cool electric blue/green ones!!!

Inspired by Z-Rated tires, this running shoe's unique geometry and midsole foam deliver sports car handling for your feet, while the evolved NanoWeb upper technology makes sure you're buckled up tight for a breathable and breathtaking ride.

No-sew upper and bootie fit system for comfort with NanoWeb tech for locked-in support

Low-cut for mobility with Injection molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning

Inspired by sports car tires, the Z-rated midsole geometry is designed for improved handling and traction

Gas fueled Carbonated Foam for a light, cushioned and responsive ride

Underfoot grooves let the midsole to flex and expand for extra ground contact and a smooth ride

CRTek rubber only in high wear areas for lightweight durability

These sneakers are extremely comfortable, breath easily, and actually make me want to run!!  I was at my sons school the other day for 3 hours of non stop standing.  No pain!!!  

The padding in the bottom gives your feet much needed support, and even the tops of the sneakers inside are soft and comfortable.

Reebok sneakers are made from quality materials, and as I showed above, are meant to last!!

Right now almost everything at Reebok.com is 30% off, including these beauties!!  Perfect time to get yourself, or others a long lasting treat!!

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