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Smithsonian Young Explorer And Discover Products Review And ~~Giveaway~~

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Now that my boys are getting older, they are more interested in how things work, and all things Science.  I feel really silly when they ask me questions that I can't remember the answer too.  I have been out of school for a long time!!

If your kids are as inquisitive as mine, then I have just the thing.

Smithsonian Discover: Space-

Take a spectacular journey into the farthest reaches of space with the Smithsonian. This engaging and informative guide to the galaxy, the planets, and the universe brings the incredible experience of a visit to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum into the pages of a fun and fantastic book. Smithsonian Discover: Space is organized as a virtual trip through outer space, starting at the edges of the expanding universe, continuing into the spiral Milky Way galaxy, then arriving in our solar system to explore each planet in turn.

And when kids are done gallivanting around the galaxy, there are 12 solar system fact cards, a large double-sided poster, and glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to turn their rooms into a sparkling space scene. So get ready—the Smithsonian is about to take you out of this world to discover the spectacular science of the universe!

This is a book packed with fun!! Included is a ton of information about the Universe, Solar System and Space Exploration, with fun stickers, posters, and fact cards to help with a more visual approach to learning.  

My boys love that the stickers are glow in the dark.  Now they can see all the stars day and night!!

If your children love airplanes, Smithsonian Discover: Flight, is a great book packed with everything about flight.  The history of how we started flying, to some of the newest technology behind being in the sky!!

Smithsonian Discover: Flight brings the awe-inspiring experience of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum right into the pages of a book. This authoritative guide to the history and science of flight answers all the questions that kids will ask (and that parents may not be able to answer), like “What makes a plane stay in the air?” “What’s a sonic boom?” and “How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?” Arranged into three sections, Balloons in the Air, Machines in the Sky, and Starships in Space, Smithsonian Discover: Flight chronicles the history and evolution of flight in way meant to inspire future aviators and astronauts.

This unique title also delivers hands-on activities like you would find at the Smithsonian. Bound right into the book are 12 fact cards on the coolest aircraft, a large double-sided poster, and 9 paper airplanes in three designs (a historic glider, a military jet, and a space shuttle) with easy-to-follow folding instructions. Altogether, Smithsonian Discover: Flight offers kids a chance to take off on a trip to the Smithsonian without ever leaving their seats.

You can learn all about Hot Air Balloons, to Airplanes, to even ships that take you to the stars.  The book also comes with a poster, 12 fact cards, and 9 fun to make paper airplanes!!  We copied the designs on separate paper, so the boys can make them over and over again!!

Both books are full of vibrant colors, are great reference manuals, and are perfect for those little learning minds!!

If your children love puzzles, here are two that we really enjoy.

Young Explorers Oceans-


Get ready to go under the sea with the Smithsonian—and experience life beneath the waves. Smithsonian Young Explorers: Oceans provides the perfect introduction for kids 6 and up to our undiscovered underwater world. The lively and fun fact book covers the science of ocean movement, pollution, and fascinating facts on marine life. From profiles on the Pacific, to waves and tsunamis, kids will love to learn about the basics of the ocean.

And of course, all the cutest sea creatures (sea otters and dolphins!) and the fiercest (great white sharks and poisonous jellyfish!) and all their ocean friends are covered in detail for young ocean explorers.

Once young explorers get their feet wet in the world’s oceans, they can continue their education by assembling the included floor puzzle of colorful marine life. The puzzle and poster give kids extra opportunities to learn about the ocean and engage them in the sciences. And once kids are ready to dive in headfirst, the book, puzzle, and map all tuck neatly into a snap-shut suitcase, ready to embark on a journey on the high seas.

130 piece puzzle set with a beautiful ocean scene.  Sharks, Dolphins, Nemo!!  The puzzle comes in a sturdy case with a handle, and a 32 page fact book with information about our oceans, how waves work, and all sorts of sea creatures.  While the kids have fun with building the puzzle, they are also learning!!

You can also check out the Young Explorers Dinosaurs puzzle.  


Get ready to go back in time with the Smithsonian—and experience life among the dinosaurs. Smithsonian Young Explorers: Dinosaurs provides the perfect introduction for kids 6 and up to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The playful and informative fact book teaches kids how we learn about dinosaurs, how they are classified, and which dinosaurs ruled the land millions of years ago. Read about the mighty T. rex and the chicken-sized Compsognathus. Learn how scientists solved the mystery of the plates of the Stegosaurus. And find out which animals descended from dinosaurs surround us today.

Once young explorers have become paleontologists-in-training, they can continue their education by assembling the included dinosaur floor puzzle. The colorful puzzle and poster give kids extra opportunities to learn about the different dinosaurs and engage them in the sciences. And once kids are ready to go on the hunt for their own dinosaur bones, the book, puzzle, and map all tuck neatly into a snap-shut suitcase, ready to uncover the new greatest dinosaur that ever lived.

Another fun colorful picture to build, with some pretty cool looking dinosaurs!!  The T-Rex and pterodactyls are Ben Jr's favorite dinosaurs, and they are center stage in this puzzle.  It comes with the hard case with handle, and a 32 page fact book all about dinosaurs.  This is sure to be a ton of fun for your little dinosaur lovers!!

Smithsonian has lots of other fun books, puzzles and even model sets, to help kids learn while they have fun!!  

I am very happy to give away all four items above (two books, and two puzzles) to one lucky reader, thanks to Smithsonian and Silver Dolphin Books.

Enter below using the rafflecopter form, and good luck!!

Happy Holidays!!   

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Marilyn said...

Accounting was my favorite subject in school. Guess that is why I'm still doing it today.

Marilyn said...

I would like the book - Scientriffic: Planet Earth. My granddaughter is really interested in space and I think she would really enjoy the book.

Charity and John said...

I enjoyed history in school.

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Art was my favorite subject in school.

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the books are great and my
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desitheblonde said...

the hop great i love read science
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Maryann Skaritka said...

My favorite subject in school was English
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I like the Silver Dolphin book Animals: Dinosaur Adventure
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